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explainer narration
How I can help...


When I approach an explainer video narration project, there are a few things that I take into consideration… Who is the audience? What type of delivery will resonate with that audience? What is the product or service that I'm “explaining”, and do I have a complete understanding of said product or service? Generally, explainer videos are upbeat and engaging, and that is where I start, barring any direction to the contrary. You can check out a few of the explainer videos that I have narrated at the top of this page.


My client experience...


I’ve done a fair amount of explainer video narrations over the years for all sorts of different companies explaining everything from business solutions apps to product demonstrations and how-tos. Here are a few testimonials from past clients:

"Tom is a stellar voice actor. His communication and quality of work was excellent. We will definitely keep him in mind for future voice work."  ~ Larry Tran, Sidekick Sales Videos

"Tom Was amazing to work with. His voice acting was spot on. I highly recommend working with him for any voice over projects." ~ Jessica Valtierra, Rocket Tier Mobile Development 


My client experience includes companies such as Comsign Trust, SurgeX, eScend, and more.


My turnaround time/rates...


I can usually turn explainer video narration projects around the same day or the next day depending on the time of day the script is sent to me. Whatever the case, I will work with you to stay within your project’s timeline. I give a custom quote for every explainer project based on the GVAA Rate Guide which is the standard guide for professional non-union voice actors in the U.S. and Canada. The length of the video may also be a factor in determining the rate.


About the genre...


Explainer videos are short-form videos that explain a product or service. You can think of them as a sort of elevator pitch aimed at a very specific audience with a goal of pointing out the main benefits for the user or customer. They are usually between 60 and 90 seconds in length. Sometimes they can be slightly longer, but generally no longer than a couple of minutes.


Some examples of explainer narration include:


Animated explainers: These are usually visually appealing animated videos that use a lot of colors and graphics to tell the story of a particular product and or service.

Live-action explainers: These are very similar to animated explainers but use real people and settings along with advanced graphics to form a connection with an audience. They generally showcase a physical product.

Whiteboard explainer videos: These are usually hand-drawn illustrations on a whiteboard that often features a lot of text and animated graphics.

Explainer videos may or may not have a voiceover element but are thought to be much more effective when they do. The voiceover element can also be an aid for someone with a visual impairment.

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