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Corporate narration
How I can help...


Even though corporate narration is primarily used in a business context, a conversational delivery is still requested most often. A script can be read with a professional demeanor and still sound conversational. This is my default approach to a corporate narration script whether it’s for an internal communication, a product demonstration video, or a positioning video highlighting a company’s values and mission. I follow any provided direction to the letter, but it always begins with a professional but relatable delivery.


My client experience...


I do more corporate voiceover work than anything else, and I have a strong track record of delivering compelling recordings for the companies that hire me. And when a client tells me they're happy with the work I did for them, I couldn't be more pleased.

"Tom did a great job for us. Terrific read the first time out. My clients were delighted with the results, and we'll use Tom again soon." ~ David Merwin, Merwin Productions

"He is very professional and delivers a final product by the assigned deadline. We look forward to collaborating with him on many more projects." ~ Endri Xhacka, You Visit

"Awesome! Fast and professional. Thank you!" ~ Josh Barter, VOLT


My client experience includes Boeing, You Visit, Volt Lighting, and The Disabled Veterans Life Memorial Foundation, among many others.


My turnaround time/rates...


I can usually turn corporate projects around the next day to within a few days depending on the size and scope of the script. Scripts that are more involved may take a bit longer, but I will work with you to stay within your project’s timeline. I give a custom quote for every corporate project based on the GVAA Rate Guide which is the standard guide for professional non-union voice actors in the U.S. and Canada. I also give volume based discounts for ongoing work.


About the genre...


Corporate Narration is the professional-sounding voice you would hear in many business contexts. Some places where you might hear a corporate voiceover include internal communication, product demonstration videos, or a company’s positioning video. Explainer videos, other types of marketing videos, and even e-learning may be considered sub-genres of corporate narration. 


Some examples of corporate narration include:


Internal communications: This could be a presentation at a business conference, a company-wide announcement, or employee training.

External marketing: Explainer videos, product videos, and other types of marketing videos aimed at the public or a specific group of people.

Company overview videos: These may highlight a company’s history, core values, or mission.

*Explainer narration and E-Learning may be considered sub-genres of corporate narration.

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